We rent helium tanks both on short and long term. 

Our helium gas makes every event a little more festive and fun. Our helium is one of the premier gases available. 

Our cylinders are filled with pure helium (not diluted balloon grade) which maximizes lift retention and fun hour after hour.

Balloons filled with our helium make all your events brighter. We have helium tanks in 40, 80, 108, 214 and 294 cubic foot sizes. The chart below shows the quantity by size of balloons you will get from the tank. This is a guideline only as over and under inflating will impact the number of balloons from a tank. For example if a 12" balloon in over-inflated by just one inch the helium used increases from 0.5 cubic feet to 1.0 cubic feet. which would give you half of the number of balloons from a tank than if properly inflated.